Monday, March 29, 2010

emmm.. nilaaa bj2 nopal, dhila, esya

ni baju tido 1st nopal yg beli online

lawa kan kasut adidas nie?

nie bj tido jg

yg panda pink tu, beli tuk esya

ni romper naufal

ni set romper nopal nie plak set romper dhila

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


syukur alhamdulillah..
walaupun org ingat sekadar test but for me it's really a big impact..
if i got it, and i pass it..
go to theinterview, and hope the chances is more bigger..
oppssss... just want to share...
pagi tadi.. tetibe handphone aku bunyi message masuk..
"TAHNIAH, Anda telah diterima memasuki Ujian Mtest panggilan ke2.."
mmmm... so speechless for 1mins... then..
aku melompat... YESSSSS...!!!
"mama ni buang terbiat ke... ?"
terus aku cium pipi dia... aku cakap aku hepi sangat..
sebab ini soal hidup... kalau aku lulus lepas nie... peluang aku laie besar...
aku cakap kat nopal..
"ni mungkin rezki nopal... thanks nak..."
dia tersenyum dan hati aku berbunga riang..
ape2pun, I'll try my best and I will not waste this chance..

~thank to all that always be with me...~

Monday, March 22, 2010

gile shopping online...!!

red is GREAT...!!..
coz i'm in a great mood today...
just fully recover from fever and bad cough, flu and out of voice..
suddenly I'd noticed something that catch my interest..
online shopping for my little boy...
emmmm... apelaie... rambang matalaaa...
but, still need to wait for arriving..
thank you apple mommy eyes..
if I got the goods a put at my son'b body...
i'll take pics and post it...

~ lovely ~

Friday, March 19, 2010

my hubby and I was so surprised,
coz our 9th month old son, already can stand sooo nice
without any support...
and he gave a chicky smile to us when he did that...
and both of us praise him for his development,
he feel so happy and raise up both hands
and try to balance his stand until around 5 - 7mins time..
when u can see your own kid growth it's make u realise
how good, amazing and valuable they were in your life..
how priceless the moments tooo you...
so... don't forrget to praise for their growth and
go with discipline way..

mama loves naufal soooo much..

A Great Term!!

I Love this term...
as a instructor in Shichida among all term that I gone thru...
this term is the best...
want to know y?
I can see a lots of growth from all my kids..
start with my Baby class till 4years old class,
they had grown so fast...
And I always believe that they always can...
and I also believe that with thru love from mummy and parents,
also with the lesson that I give with full of love...
I know that one day I will see all the growth and they also can feel
my vibration, my honesty when I teach and play with them...
But there are also sad part when some of kids will stop
from shichida because involve with others activities,
like kindi, parents transfer..
I do hope that they will always remember SENSEI AZY..

~time passed by soo fast...~

Thursday, March 18, 2010


aku tengah dalam perancangan tuk buka tadika + taska...
in other way is a learning centre for young and lovely kids.. but still need a lots of work to be done.. i need to be more serious if i want to step one more level of my life..
i know i'll do it better.. and i always know that my hubby and all my big family will support me..
InsyaAllah, if I have a big heart to make all my dreams comes true.. I know Allah s.w.t. will always show me the good way to success..
I'll always believe it and believe in myself that I can do better than what I had now..
it's all for my kids and my family...


ermmmm... baru-baru nie aku g mydin usj... suddenly ade buat program for taking pics for baby.. sooo nice... suddenly i got this lovely idea to take my son pics.. this is first time for us taking a studio pics.. and some more actually my lovely prince had a bad mood that day.. i dunno y.. but still i grab that opportunity to take pics of us... so, we take around 9 pics.. it's really SWEET and NICE.. i really like it.. So, for viewer enjoy your ride... heheeh

Monday, March 1, 2010

emmm... release my tense a bits

emmm... this few weeks, my body can't coop anymore workload... maybe toooo much of working, it make me toooo tired... luckily my family is there for me... thank you for my lovely hubby and my sweet and understanding son... and tooo others tooo... my mom, dad and siblings.. thanks soooo much...
it'll be a long gapt between this post to another post... don't know when...
some times, my tiredness make me want to quit my job and have a great and quality time my lovely son... but I can't... tooo much tooo handle... and for sure can't depend to my hubby only... I don't like...
anyhow, I'll try my best to pick back all my strength back and keep positive energy always with me...